Thank you for donating to CHASA

we heart youYour support helps CHASA keep helping kids with hemiplegia or pediatric stroke.  The CHASA board of directors believes in reaching out directly to children and families to make an impact in their day to day living. We know the struggles because board members are parents of children or young adults with hemiplegia. Thank you for being part of our family.

Your donation will help CHASA with these programs.

  • Foot Orthotic and Hand Splint Grants: Help families in need purchase a brace that may help their child learn to walk and have a healthy walking pattern.
  • CHASA Cares! Send a stuffed animal, our Kandu penguin mascot, to a child who is facing surgery or having a difficult time in school. We are here to encourage the kids!
  • Help a child know that she’s not alone. There are other little girls and boys who wear a brace on one leg and have to go to therapy each week and endure painful stretching. CHASA connects kids and families.
  • Research Support:  Support of researchers who are investigating hemiplegia and pediatric stroke – causes and treatment of related disabilities. Support of innovative pilot programs that we hope will lead to larger research studies. CHASA continues to do good work by supporting pediatric stroke and hemiplegia researchers. CHASA has teamed with the Child Neurology Society and The National Institutes of Health to co-sponsor the Neurobiology of Disease in Children Symposium. This symposium provided an opportunity for child neurologists from around the world  to learn about the latest developments in pediatric stroke research and allowed top investigators in the field to prioritize the future direction of pediatric stroke research.
  • Annual Family Retreat and Retreat Scholarships:  This gathering of families of children who have hemiplegia provides an opportunity for attendees to visit with experts to learn about the most current information on medical, therapeutic, and educational issues.  There is also the opportunity for parents and children to meet and visit with other families who have been affected by hemiplegia.  This importance of this popular event can be summed up by the words of an eight year old girl who has hemiplegia, “I know that I’m not alone. There are other kids just like me.”  Your donations underwrite some of the expenses of this event and also provide scholarships for families.
  • College and Vocational School Scholarships:  Fund college, vocational school, and athletic scholarships to help our young adults get started in life.
  • Pediatric Stroke Awareness Day Events
  • Regional Retreats: Families in different regions in the US gather for a weekend of support. CHASA funds different aspects of these retreats.
  • Think Big Grants to help a community gathering where families can meet to create a local support network, including Moms’ Weekends and Family Fun Outings.
  • Exhibit Booths at Medical and Healthcare Conferences to provide information and awareness about pediatric stroke
  • Outreach:  CHASA informs professionals and the public that Kids Have Strokes, Too and also provides information about our online and local groups
  • Information:  Your donations help fund a phone line where parents and professionals can call for more information about support resources.

Nonprofit Status

CHASA is a 501 (c)(3) Public Charity and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.