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Teen at PodiumI wish I could give a gift that would allow you to see into your child’s future. The unknown can be so very difficult. Will she talk? Will she walk?  Can she be potty trained? Will she go to prom?  I asked hundreds of questions and there were no answers. I pushed myself so far into the future that I almost forgot to enjoy those sweet baby days.

What I can give you is the gift of walking this journey with many others who have been there and are going through the journey at the same time.  We are here to listen to your struggles, celebrate with you at moments large and small, and help you know that you are not alone.  –  Nancy Atwood, Founder of CHASA and Hemi-Kids

Facebook Groups — Learn more about CHASA events, school, daily living activities, work, college, life after high school and other helpful tips for your child or for you if you have hemiplegia

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Hemikids Listserv — This email group is a great alternative to Facebook, especially if you’re looking for a more private space and almost two decades of archived information.

Family at CHASA Retreat

CHASA Family Retreat — Share support, information and fun at our annual family retreat.

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CHASA Retreat for Moms — New in 2019. Join us for fun and support!

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Support in Your Community — Parents share information about local therapy clinics, schools, and sports and fine arts programs and more! Kids enjoy meeting others who have hemiplegia.

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Meet Our Kids — Read in-depth stories about our journeys.