Introducing the Inspirational Evan – And My Streak for Pediatric Stroke

Back Camera

February 21, 2008. It’s the day that changed our lives forever. I can still remember the phone call I received from the doctor’s office – the nurse telling me that the pediatric neurologist had reviewed the results of our son […]

Meet Chris – Loves Wrestling


Chris is a pediatric stroke survivor and very involved in the wrestling team at his elementary school. In one tournament, he wrestled four times, won two and lost two, and come in 4th out of 8 athletes in the competition. […]

Champion Pumpkin Carver and Pediatric Stroke Surivor Nick

Pumpkin Carving Pediatric Stroke Survivor Nick

For those of you who don’t know my almost 10 year old son, Nick, he has met many challenges. Born with transposition of great arteries, cardiac arrest, right side stroke, hydrocephalous and developmental delays, he has met many challenges that […]

Using Tools – Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Slow Down Luka

using tools - Heather Stewart-6-10-13FB

We’re doing some renovations and my sweet boy asked to try the drill. He put in about 15 screws… with success!! He’s so proud! His left hand is a helper but you can see he can open it well and […]

Our Super Star

When our son was 2 days old, he had a stroke. We were devastated. A physical therapist visited us in the NICU. She said that our newborn could make if we worked hard at rehabilitation. We took notes on the […]

Basketball Manager Thomas Adams


Thomas and his parents attended the very first Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association Family Retreat in Georgia in 2001. He was a fun loving little boy and had turned into a young man with a love of basketball. Thomas is […]

Brian – Bike Rider, Soccer Player, and Gamer

Bike Riding with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

    Brian is a happy 10 year old that loves soccer, playing computer and Xbox games as well as PSP games. He has occupational therapy twice a month and aquatic therapy twice a week and loves it! He will […]

Jude Paints Kandu during Occupational Therapy

Boy with hemiplegic cerebral palsy paints during occupational therapy

Kandu, the CHASA Mascot, was sighted at Jude’s house this weekend. Jude is nine years old and has hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a stroke at age five. Jude works really hard in occupational therapy and that’s where he was […]

Caitlyn’s Doing the Bum-scooting Boogie

Caitlyn, Pediatric Stroke Survivor Crawls

Caitlyn has just been diagnosed in February with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy secondary to a Perinatal stroke. At 10 months old she was not able to sit up well even with support and with the hard work and support of great […]

Kids with Hemiplegia Can Play the Guitar


If you’re the parent of a child with hemiplegia or any disability, you just hate to think of telling your child that you don’t think they can do something. I like to think that my daughter can do just about […]