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Julie getting marriedHello! My name is Julie Lloyd and I have hemiplegia on my right side due to a stroke I had when I was three days old. At that time, the doctors knew even less about stroke and hemiplegia in children than they do now and my parents were told I wouldn’t live to see my first birthday and I would be blind and deaf. I proved them wrong! I’m living a great life at the age of 32.

I love my job in property management! In my free time, I enjoy reading, art, bowling, and watching minor league baseball games, which my husband and I have season tickets for.  I’m a very open individual, love to share my story so others can learn from my experiences, and am definitely not afraid to stand up for my rights. In fact, I just convinced a national restaurant chain to change their style of salt an pepper grinders to make them more accessible.

Daily LIving

Daily Living – Teens and adults who’ve had hemiplegia since childhood share their tips for navigating the world.

Driving and Transportation

Driving and Transportation – Finding ways to get around town is important for our social life, school, and work.

Surviving School

School Survival – Middle School, High School. Learn more about navigating the halls of middle school and high school.


Transitioning from school to college or work. Ready to move on to college or work? Share ideas about what works for you.