Let’s Play! Activity Scholarships

Kids just want to play. Kids NEED to play! It’s their job. It’s how they feel good about life and about themselves. They try something new, master a skill, learn to succeed or learn to fail – they learn! And, there’s that little added bonus – Play is FUN!

CHASA’s mission is to help children, teens and adults living with hemiplegia (from any cause) have a better life. We know that sometimes money is tight and you may not be able to afford the extras – like art class, theater, t-ball, gymnastics, dance, cooking, or whatever it is that makes your kid’s face light up. We can help!

CHASA is offering scholarships to help with the cost of your child’s activity or program. We can’t wait to see their happy faces! This program isn’t just for little ones – you can apply if you’re under the age of 26.

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Let’s Play Scholarship Details

  • Summer Let’s Play Scholarships: Applications will open in May 2019
  • If you submitted an application, you should have received an email from chasa.org. If you can’t locate the email, check your spam or junk mail folder and Contact Us if you need more information. While the program has temporarily closed for new applicants, you still have time to submit your information.
  • CHASA has awarded over 60 Let’s Play Scholarships
  • Applicants between the ages of newborn and 26
  • Applicants living in the United States or Canada
  • Applicant must have a diagnosis of hemiplegia or hemiparesis from ANY cause
  • Examples of activities – dance, art class, theater class, sports, robotics class, cooking class, golf, horseback riding, hippotherapy and aquatic therapy *may* be included, depending on the program
  • This does not have to be a new activity for your child. If they are currently enrolled in an ongoing class, we can still help.
  • Examples of activities we cannot cover at this time
  • We want to give children the opportunities to try several activities, and this means we may pay to help them get started, but are probably unable to pay for several months or a year’s worth of activities
  • Programs can be an adaptive program, but do not have to be an adaptive program
  • We anticipate that most of the children will participate in and be included in traditional programs in their community
  • This is a new program and additional details will be added as we learn more about your needs

Meet Some of our Let’s Play Recipients


Six year old Charlie had a stroke before he was born. He was diagnosed with left side hemiplegia when he was 18 months old and immediately began physical and occupational therapies. Charlie has been wanting to do taekwondo for quite a few years. He wants to be a ninja and would love to learn the skills.
From Charlie’s mom… Thank you so much for awarding a CHASA Let’s Play scholarship to Charlie so he can take taekwondo classes. He is so excited! He enjoyed his first class tonight and the teacher said he did an excellent job. We are excited that through such a fun activity, he can gain strength, flexibility and balance. This is an awesome opportunity. Thank you so much for all you do to help families! You all are a true blessing.


Kasey is a teen with right hemiplegic cerebral palsy from a stroke during delivery. It affects her ability to use her right hand and leg. She started track last year and has been competing at a national level this year. She loves softball and enjoys taking pictures and videos. She also is an artist. Kasey is excited to continue with her athletic career and see how far she can take this. CHASA has awarded scholarships to Kasey for the Desert Challenge and the Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals.

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