Kandu’s First Book

Kandu, the CHASA Mascot, has a new book! We’re excited to share Kandu’s journeys with you. Kandu is a penguin who wears a brace and has some pretty fun adventures. If you are a CHASA Kid, meaning our website helps […]

Kandu Has a New Look

Meet our new Kandu! A little more energetic and happier than old Kandu. Learn more about Kandu, the CHASA Mascot Find Support

Kandu’s Big Adventure – Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Hi! My name is Kandu and I’m the CHASA Mascot. I’m ready for a BIG ADVENTURE. Want to go with me? We won’t be alone because there are other kids around the world who’ll join us. Some of those kids […]


Hi! I’m Kandu and I’m the CHASA mascot.  I wear a brace on my foot because it helps me walk, run, swim and do all the fun stuff that penguins like to do. I hope that some day I’ll be […]

Kandu Tattoo Sighting – Kids with Hemiplegia “Can Do”

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association’s (CHASA) mascot, Kandu, was sighted this week on the arm of Dan Stamer. Dan added Kandu’s image to a tattoo in honor of his son, Kannon. Dan and his wife Heather, recognize that kids […]

Jude Paints Kandu during Occupational Therapy

Kandu, the CHASA Mascot, was sighted at Jude’s house this weekend. Jude is nine years old and has hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a stroke at age five. Jude works really hard in occupational therapy and that’s where he was […]

CHASA Mascot Has a Name – Kandu

  We’ve named our mascot – Kandu! This name was selected because of the “can do” attitude held by so many of the children, teens, and adults who have hemiplegia or hemiparesis.  The name “Kandu” was submitted to our “Name […]