Champion Pumpkin Carver and Pediatric Stroke Surivor Nick

Pumpkin Carving Pediatric Stroke Survivor NickPumpkin Carving Pediatric Stroke Survivor Nick

Pumpkin Carving Pediatric Stroke Survivor Nick For those of you who don’t know my almost 10 year old son, Nick, he has met many challenges. Born with transposition of great arteries, cardiac arrest, right side stroke, hydrocephalous and developmental delays, he has met many challenges that I never thought we’re possible and continues to meet challenges when some people, including myself, would have never expected. Nick still cannot use his left hand and arm fully, but tries very hard. Dressing is a challenge. Today we worked on carving his pumpkin. He said let me. So I did with very close supervision. Nick triumphed and was so happy to meet yet another challenge. So for those who are scared and worried, I want to share that sometimes you can take a breath and know there is hope if we believe. ~ Nick’s mom