Pediatric Stroke Awareness Montage


Our Baby Had a Stroke This picture was taken less than two months after Christopher (in photo – far left) had his MRI which  revealed that he had suffered a stroke in utero. The neurologist called us after hours and […]

Meet Chris – Loves Wrestling


Chris is a pediatric stroke survivor and very involved in the wrestling team at his elementary school. In one tournament, he wrestled four times, won two and lost two, and come in 4th out of 8 athletes in the competition. […]

Emily’s Story – Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month


My husband and I always had children in our plans – it was just something we never had to discuss and knew we wanted. After being married for 3 years we decided to start trying. I was blessed with a […]

Pediatric Stroke – Dad’s Perspective

we heart you

My wife gave birth to our son in an emergency c-section after she didn’t feel the baby moving the last day. We were right at the due date so he was full term. The doctors kept him in the NICU […]

CHASA Retreat Videos

  Learn more about the CHASA Family Retreat A big thanks to Jennifer Haley, a pediatric stroke survivor, for creating these videos! CHASA Family Retreat -A look back at past retreats CHASA Family Retreat – Alabama 2011 CHASA Family Retreat […]

New Friends

Girls with Hemiplegia Meet at Zoo

Two Girls with Hemiplegia Meet at the Brookfield Zoo CHASA Pediatric Stroke Awareness Tree at the Brookfield Zoo December 2012

A Sister and a Brother and Disability – Film by Jennifer Siegel

Joshua has Cerebral Palsy - His Story

As the parent of a child who has a disability, I don’t know that words can describe the feelings that overwhelmed me as I watched this beautiful film created by Jennifer Siegel.  Jennifer produced this short film for the Cinema […]

Holly Escapes from Her Constraint Therapy Cast

Girl with Hemiplegia Escaping from Constraint Therapy Brace

My daughter, Holly, is a sweet 5-year old girl with a number of diagnoses – Left-Sided Hemiplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, PDD-NOS, Developmental Delays, Behavior and Sensory Issues.   One day each month, we go to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for all […]

Baby Steps: Infant with Hemiplegia after Strokes Tackles Walking


  By Joy Roberts At 28 weeks of pregnancy, my baby girl, Lily (nicknamed Lily Pad) had several strokes in the linings of her brain called Intraventricular Hemorrhages (IVH). Approximately five blood clots resulted because of the bleeding which resulted in loss of […]

Gabi is Riding Again

Gabriella, Pediatric Stroke Survivor Rides Bike

On January 24th, 2011, Gabi grabbed her head and stumbled to the ground and started to go unresponsive. Fifteen hours later, at midnight in the PICU, we found out that Gabi had had a stroke. It was sudden to say […]