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Tips for Grandparenting a Child with Hemiplegia

  • Follow your child’s lead. They may or may not want to talk about the child’s condition and this will possibly change over time.
  • Ask how your child would like for you to help.
  • Inform yourself about the condition, but remember a label doesn’t really define the child.
  • Attend a conference or support group meeting with your child if they’re open to this. Or, volunteer to babysit so they can attend.
  • Don’t place blame or judge. Parents often already feel guilty and most likely they did nothing that caused the disability.
  • Spend time with your grandchild.
  • Babysit so parents can have some couple and alone time.
  • Realize that parents may be under a great deal of stress and may not cope as you would like for them to cope – be understanding.
  • Pay attention to laws regarding financial assistance. If parents have set up a trust, consult with a attorney before giving any money directly to your grandchild, since this may prevent them from receiving government assistance.
  • Remember – child first – disability second.

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