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Join the CHASA Facebook Parent Discussion Group

This large group includes parents of children with hemiplegia and adults who’ve had hemiplegia since childhood. This group is only open to parents of children or adults who have hemiplegia and is administered by parents of children and young adults who have hemiplegia.

To join the  parent discussion group:

1. Create a Facebook account.

2. Join the CHASA Children’s Hemiplegia and Pediatric Stroke Facebook Group

CHASA Facebook Page

“Like” Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association’s Facebook Page and receive the latest news about CHASA activities, adaptive equipment, research trials, and more. This is also a perfect page for extended families and friends to join.

CHASA Facebook Specialty Groups

We also have a variety of specialty groups on Facebook. A few of the groups are listed below and new groups are often added. Friend Joseph Atwood (group administrator) and private message him to ask to be added to the specialty groups.

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