Educational Scholarships

TEENS-COLLEGE2CHASA is proud to offer college and vocational school scholarships for students with a diagnosis of hemiplegia or hemiparesis due to any cause, or a diagnosis of pediatric stroke. CHASA has awarded scholarships annually since 2000.

Deadline for application is August 31st. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email and phone by November 15th and checks will be mailed directly to schools in late November. Applicants who are not chosen to receive a scholarship will not be notified due to problems with spam filters. Please read the scholarship guidelines listed in the application to determine your eligibility. The onset of your diagnosis must have been before age 18 years.

Helpful Hint: When applying for the scholarship, the application and essay should be completed by the student – not the parent. We want to hear from your student!

CHASA Scholarship Application

Please note that some scholarship websites have erroneous information printed regarding CHASA scholarship amounts, total number of scholarship given, and application deadlines. We have asked that they correct the information, but have received no response. Official information regarding CHASA scholarships resides only on the website. We will only be able to accept applications with the April 2013 Revision title.

Attending College Fall 2020: Submit scholarship application by August 31, 2020 (please do not submit any earlier than May 2020)
Attending College Fall 2021: Submit scholarship application by August 31, 2021  (please do not submit any earlier than May 2021)
Attending College Fall 2022:  Submit scholarship application by August 31, 2019 (please do not submit any earlier than May 2022)

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Donate to the CHASA Scholarship Fund 

The link above will take you to GoFundMe Charity, our fundraising platform, where you can make a donation. If you would like to make a donation using PayPal or by private check, click here and please include a note directing us to place funds in the CHASA College Scholarship Fund. CHASA is a 501 (c)(3) Public Charity based in the United States and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by U. S. law.

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

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