Megan’s Scholarships


In November 2007, CHASA established the Megan Chesney Scholarship Fund in honor of Megan Chesney, a delightful young woman who has supported CHASA families in many ways for over a decade. We are very proud of Megan and her efforts to help other young people who have hemiplegia.

Megan has organized walkathons to raise money for CHASA since she was six years old. For several years, Megan organized the walkathon as her birthday celebration. Instead of presents, she asks that people make a donation to CHASA, and walk with her to show support. Friends and family enjoy cake and snacks to celebrate her birthday, and then complete the walk. Each year, over 75 people, from babies to grandparents, attend her birthday walkathon celebration. It has become an event that Megan’s friends and family look forward to each May.

The Megan Chesney College Scholarship fund will provide college and trade school scholarships to young adults who have had a diagnosis of hemiplegia since childhood.

A Message from Megan

I have worked with CHASA for many years, helping teens and young adults to go to college or trade school. I enjoy helping others. Before 2007, I was raising money to help families to go to the CHASA retreat. I found out there wasn’t a retreat that summer, so I emailed the founder of CHASA and asked her what I could do to help out. She said that because of my hard work, CHASA decided to honor me by having a scholarship under my name. It is called the Megan Chesney Scholarship Fund, which every year raises money to help people who don’t have enough money to go to college or trade school. The scholarship also raises awareness by helping other people who don’t have hemiplegia to understand what it is. Also, the scholarship helps define who I am, and I make so many new, life-long friends through my work with CHASA. To get in touch with me, you can fill out this form. Last word: Just Believe in yourself; if you have something that you want to do, just do it.

Make a Donation to the Megan Chesney Scholarship Fund

The link above will take you to Crowdrise, our fundraising platform, where you can make a donation. If you would like to make a donation using PayPal or by private check, click here and please include a note directing us to place funds in the Megan Chesney Scholarship Fund. CHASA is a 501 (c)(3) Public Charity based in the United States and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by U. S. law.

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