Athletic Scholarships

As funding permits, CHASA will award athletic scholarships to young athletes who have had hemiplegia since childhood. We are currently gathering data about the athletic pursuits of children, teens and young adults with hemiplegia or hemiparesis. Fill out this form to help us learn more about your needs.  Contact us for more information on athletic scholarships or to request consideration for a scholarship for a specific athletic competition. Please send your name, name of parent/guardian if you’re a minor, name of event, event website, your classification if known, any deadlines for registration fees, and the amount your are seeking. Please provide as many details as possible.

Donate to the CHASA Athletic Scholarship Fund – This link will take you to our Crowdrise donation page where you can direct your donation towards the CHASA Athletic Scholarship Fund.

Thank yous from some of the CHASA Athletic Scholarship Recipients

Thank you for awarding an athletic scholarship to Trent for the registration fee for Junior Nationals. As you know, the week long trip across the county is expensive, between hotel and travel costs, it really adds up, but it’s worth every penny because participating in adaptive sports has been amazing for Trent.  CHASA’s help with these registration fees makes a huge difference for us and makes the trip just a little more manageable for our family.  We are very grateful for your support of our athletes, I have no doubt they will make you very proud! I know they make me unbelievably proud.  Thank you CHASA for all you do to support our families. 


We are extremely grateful for Ava to receive an athletic scholarship for the Junior Nationals competition.

This is a new endeavor for Ava, to compete in sports and participate in meets.  The costs can add up quickly, but we are committed to helping Ava achieve her dreams.  It is something that she is working hard for and it is amazing to see what she can do. I really do hope she can be an inspiration to other kids who want to try sports.  

CHASA has been an amazing support system for our family and I am forever grateful for the dedication and support.  Thank you so much.



Thank you so much for helping to make it possible for Ekow to attend nationals. For him, and for our family nationals is the one event we all look forward to each year.  It provides an opportunity for us to see Ekow and his friends exhibit true sportsmanship and athletic ability, and also have fun being amazing kids.   

As you know, these events add up and can be taxing on the family finances.  Your generous scholarship helps to release some of that burden, and in a way frees us to be more present at the event.  We are truly grateful.


Marian and Akwasi


We are honored to accept the scholarship that will help our daughter compete at the Junior Nationals meet. We are so very grateful for the opportunity for our daughter, Madison, to participate in this event, but as you can imagine the expenses add up quickly for us adaptive sports families. CHASA’S help truly, truly helps us so very much. Our daughter is doing an amazing job, and her confidence is soaring because of adaptive sports. We look forward to watching our daughter grow in her sports endeavors and we want to thank you for caring for these kids, and being here to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve certainly helped our little family out tremendously! – Tara

   Meet Other CHASA Athletes

anna running cropAnna Day
Anna has been world ranked by the International Paralympic Committee in the long jump. The U. S. Paralympics named her to the High School All-American Team in track and field for her competition results in long jump. Anna also competes in javelin.  She competes in the F37 class for women.  She has competed at that National Junior Disability Championship, Great Lakes Games, Fast Cow, Indy International Para Competition, and Thunder in the Valley Games. In 2014, Anna started working with a track and field coach and cross-country coach. When Anna was born, she had a stroke that left her semi-paralyzed on her right side.

danny table top tennis crop


Danny Scrivano
Danny has recently been named to the 2014 US Junior National Para Table Tennis Team. Danny is one of only six young athletes in the country named to the team. Danny is a class 8 standing para athlete with Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy from a stroke at age 2. Danny is also pursuing Track and field and is interested in sprints and the long jump. He was invited by the US Olympic Committee to train at the Spire, Institute in Geneva, OH in October of 2013.