The information provided on each sport is based on direct personal experience. As every child with cerebral palsy is different, your child’s experience and success in a particular sport may vary. However, the following should provide useful insights on how to proceed and what to expect.

Karate is very similar to dance. It is very beneficial if the instructor takes the time to work one on one with the child with cerebral palsy or if you can do private lessons. Severe spasticity makes progress very slow at all but the most basic level. However, the strength of the good side makes breaking boards not a problem. The effectiveness of karate as a therapy substitute will depend on the instructor and the size of the class. Our daughter had no problem earning her first yellow belt. However, she did not have the attention or control of her left side to earn her next green belt in a reasonable length of time. So, she lost interest. She was only about 8 at the time, so perhaps now the results would be better.

Girl in Karate Uniform