Summer Camps

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National Retreat

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association hosts a national family retreat each summer.

Regional Camps

Choosing Among Special-Needs Camps:  Making Summer Special

CHASA does not endorse or recommend any of the following camps or organizations.


The Boggy Creek Gang Camp is a permanent, year-round center where young people, ages 7-17, with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions can have a safe, yet exciting camp experience at no charge to them or their families. The camp is located in Cassia, Florida, which is 40 miles west of Orlando.


Camp Barnabas is a Christian summer camp dedicated to providing summer camp experiences to people with special needs, physical or intellectual challenges, and their siblings from throughout the United States.


Texas Lions Camp is a residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities, type 1 diabetes, and cancer.

Camp John Marc partners with community and health professionals and organizations to provide high quality camping experiences year round to campers who have a chronic illness or physical disability.

Camp Summit has a mission to provide barrier-free outdoor experiences that promote personal growth and foster independence for children and adults with disabilities.