Getting Started

Research shows daily physical activity raises self-esteem, helps individuals develop peer relationships, increases achievement, enhances overall health and improves quality of life.

Find Local Sports Opportunities

If you’re just starting out in a sport, you can play with friends and family. If you’d like to become more involved, you can find a sports program near you. You can participate in a local adaptive sports program, a typical sports program or both.

Tips for Local Sports Opportunities

Options for local sporting opportunities include:

Article on High School Track & Field: So You Want to be a High School Track and Field Athlete


You can compete in local competitions through local organizations.

You can compete at Regional Meets if they host your sport. WASUSA provides a list of sanctioned regional events in the US.


Your local club, team or school may have team coaches. You can hire a coach for one-on-one instruction. Network with other parents in your local sports organization, the regional adaptive sports programs and the CHASA Athletes Facebook group to locate a coach.


Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association Scholarships

Challenged Athletes Foundation – distributes need-based grants yearly to help athletes with disabilities train or compete in their sport. There is an application deadline, so check the details.