Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Kids Have Strokes – Say it. Then do something about it!

May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month! There is strength in numbers and we need your help to increase Pediatric Stroke Awareness. This page will give you tools to help you raise awareness.

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CHASA Babies Have Strokes Infographic – Download, print and hand out this Babies Have Strokes Infographic to help others learn more about pediatric stroke.

CHASA_Flyer_Pediatric_Stroke_Facts_150CHASA Brochure – Download, print and hand out this brochure to let others know more about how CHASA helps kids and their families. Help families in your community locate CHASA for support and information by distributing to therapy clinics, doctor offices and early intervention teams. Let’s create a local group in your community.

Host your own Pediatric Stroke Awareness Event

Donate to CHASA

31 Days of Pediatric Stroke Awareness Facts for your Facebook status

Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Raise Funds for CHASA Project and Share Your Child’s Story – Follow this link and click on Fundraiser for this charity. Add photos, videos and your child’s story, then ask friends, family and your community to donate. They can even set up their own fundraising teams under your page!

Whether it’s sending our little Kandu penguin mascot to a child who is having a difficult time, assisting parents in need purchase a leg brace to help their child walk, supporting local groups and weekend and national retreats, providing seed money for research, or helping students with hemiplegia or pediatric stroke pay for college, CHASA wants to help families and kids. And, most important of all – we connect thousands of families around the world with others who share similar experiences. You are not alone. 

Proclamations – ask your government official to Proclaim May as Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

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Watch the Video of the Beautiful Faces of Pediatric Stroke Survivors

Watch Videos Made by Pediatric Stroke Survivors

Read Pediatric Stroke Journal Articles

Participate in Pediatric, Infant, and Childhood Stroke Research Studies – Seeking Participants

Participate in Clinical Trials and Research Studies for Pediatric Stroke Related Disabilities

More Information about perinatal stroke, infant stroke, childhood stroke, and stroke in young adults