Walk or Run for CHASA Kids

Raising Pediatric Stroke or Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Awareness – Helpful Hints for Participating in an Established Walk or Run

  • Check with your physician to make sure you’re in great shape and can participate in an athletic event like a walk or run.
  • Locate and register for a race in your area – we suggest you choose an event that is not associated with another awareness or fundraising campaign (it’s a little confusing if the event is raising awareness for something like diabetes and you show up in your pediatric stroke shirt)
  • Choose someone to run or walk in honor of – CHASA will help you locate a child if you don’t know someone.
  • Order an awareness shirt from CHASA’s Kids Have Strokes Cafepress website
  • Set up a Crowdrise Fundraising Page to Benefit CHASA
  • Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, and your community to donate and to attend the event to cheer you on
  • Contact CHASA and give us the link to your fundraising page so we can share your story in our online community
  • Take photos of your event and send to CHASA and we’ll blog about your efforts on our website

Examples of Volunteers who Have Run for CHASA Kids

NYC Marathoner Runs for Infant Stroke Survivors –  Read about how Susie Dodge was inspired by her dance student’s younger brother, Adrian, an infant stroke survivor.

Dad Runs Marathon to Help Kids with Hemiplegia – David Sexton says CHASA has been invaluable in helping provide support, resources, and knowledge about hemiplegia.

Virtual Walk or Run or “Just about anything” event – You don’t really have to leave your couch or laptop. You can participate in a virtual run or walk from the comfort of your home. Follow the instructions above to set up a page, tell your story, honor your survivor – just skip the running part. 🙂

Setting Up Your Own Walk or Run to Benefit CHASA

Runs and walks are exciting and complicated events and if you’re an experienced event planner, you may decide to set up your own walk or run.  While we wish we could help with your event, CHASA does not have the staff to assist you with the details. In the CHASA Fundraising FAQ section, you can read more details about hosting an event to benefit CHASA, including questions about use of our logo and donations.

CHASA can help you by providing access to current pediatric stroke awareness fact sheets, advice on how to order banners and other items you may want to hand out at your event, and information about pediatric stroke and about how funds donated can be used by CHASA to benefit pediatric stroke and hemiplegic cerebral palsy survivors.  And, we’ll be here to encourage you and cheer you on as you work to spread the message that Kids Have Strokes, too.

A few things to remember:

1. This is your event, not an official CHASA event, so CHASA cannot reimburse you for expenses or be involved with the financial details of your event. This means that you cannot set up any accounts, sign contracts, use the CHASA tax ID number, solicit donations under the CHASA name, or represent yourself as a CHASA representative.

2.  Safety is an important concern. A walk or run is an athletic event and involves risks of injury. You are responsible for protecting yourself in case a lawsuit arises from an injury during the event. It is recommended that you secure event liability insurance and even then, realize that this does not prevent someone from bringing a lawsuit against you. You’ll also want to follow local government guidelines for races, have security and medical personnel including an ambulance on site, and follow other Walk/Run hosting recommendations found in reputable walk/run event sources.

3. We’ve gathered links to sites outside the CHASA site that have information on walks and runs. CHASA is not responsible for the content on these sites and we list them to provide you with examples of things you may want to think about as you plan your event.

Websites With Information on Hosting a Walk or Run

How to Plan a 5K Race Event

I Want To Put On A 5K, What Do I Do Now?

Forum with Feedback on Beginner Hosting a 5K Run

How to Plan a Community Run/Walk Event – University of KY

How to Host a 5K Fundraiser

How to: Organize a 5K Charity Run

How to Organize a Charity Walk or Run

You may be able to gather additional information from your local runner’s store and running clubs. Your accountant can possibly advise you on how to handle funds, pay expenses, and if you are required to file any federal or state tax documents. Please let us know if you do plan to host a walk or run of your own by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. If you decide that a walk or run isn’t for you, we have many other  Awareness and Fundraising ideas. Whatever type of event you decide to host, we know you’ll do a great job of spreading awareness and we’re thankful that you have chosen CHASA to benefit from your efforts!