Hi! I’m Kandu and I’m the CHASA mascot.  I wear a brace on my foot because it helps me walk, run, swim and do all the fun stuff that penguins like to do. I hope that some day I’ll be able to live at your house! I might even be at your house RIGHT NOW. If I am, please help me out because I forgot to take my brace with me. Can you make a brace and put it on my foot for me? I want it to look just like YOUR brace.

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Meet other kids who have hemiplegia or have survived a stroke. Click here to Go on Kandu’s Big Adventure!

Kandu’s History

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) board was searching for a mascot and when we were inspired by a very special penguin who lives at the Santa Barbara zoo. His name is Lucky, and he wears a special shoe like the ones worn by so many of our kids with hemiplegia. We were excited to hear about Lucky and how much he loves life and the CHASA board decided to adopt a penguin as our mascot. But, our penguin mascot needed a name. Mike Murad of San Diego, the dad of a child with hemiplegia, came up with Kandu’s name. This name was selected because of the “can do” attitude held by so many of the children, teens, and adults who have hemiplegia or hemiparesis.

Kandu has a new look in 2016

Donate and help us send Kandu  and Kandu books to a child who has hemiplegia

Donate and help us send a penguin friend to a child who has hemiplegia or pediatric stroke. CHASA will send one of Kandu’s friends, a plush penguin, to a child with hemiplegia who is facing a difficult medical procedure or maybe just having a hard time in school or with bullying. A $30 donation will allow us to send Kandu to two children. A $100 donation will allow us to send Kandu to seven children. Donations will also be used to publish and give free Kandu books to families.  Donate here or here. CHASA has already sent over 500 Kandus to kids!  You can tell your story and help us raise funds by setting up an online fundraising page here.

Where can I learn more about Lucky the penguin?

Penguin With a Funky Shoe Video by Parry Gripp

A Special Shoe for a “Lucky” Penguin

Lucky’s shoe made by Teva