May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

Kids Have Strokes – Say it. Then do something!

May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month. There is strength in numbers and you can join the movement to increase Pediatric Stroke Awareness. This page will give you tools to help you raise awareness.

Learn more about Pediatric Stroke

Set up your fundraising page and share your story!


CHASA Babies Have Strokes Infographic – Download, print and hand out this Babies Have Strokes Infographic to help others learn more about pediatric stroke. If you need larger poster size images, Contact Us.

CHASA_Flyer_Pediatric_Stroke_Facts_150CHASA Brochure – Download, print and hand out this brochure to let others know more about how CHASA helps kids and their families. Help families in your community locate CHASA for support and information by distributing to therapy clinics, doctor offices and early intervention teams. Let’s create a local group in your community.

CHASA Babies Have Strokes Video


Baby had a Stroke – download and print handout – two per page

Child had a Stroke – download and print – two per page

Baby had a Stroke – pull off tags – great for therapy and doctor offices, early intervention clinics and bulletin boards

Child had a Stroke – pull off tags

Other Pediatric Stroke Awareness Ideas

Learn More About Pediatric Stroke

Host your own Pediatric Stroke Awareness Event

31 Days of Pediatric Stroke Awareness Facts for your Facebook status

Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Raise Funds for CHASA Projects and Share Your Child’s Story – Follow this link and click on Fundraiser for this charity. Add photos, videos and your child’s story, then ask friends, family and your community to donate. They can even set up their own fundraising teams under your page!

CHASA – Help and Hope

Check out some of the ways we help pediatric stroke survivors and their families

Like the CHASA Facebook Page

Connect with other Pediatric Stroke Survivor Families who Understand – You’re not alone. CHASA families have been on this journey for decades and we have paved the road for you. Connect with other families in our general groups – on Facebook or via email. Join our specialty groups – Epilepsy, Pediatric stroke after age 1, Shoe Exchange, Homeschooling and more.

CHASA Programs currently inactive

  • Kandu – Kids love our little penguin mascot and Kandu wears a brace just like them! We’ve sent thousands of plush animals and Kandu books to kids. Meet Kandu