Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy—also known as CP—is a condition caused by injury to the parts of the brain that control our ability to use our muscles and bodies. Cerebral means having to do with the brain. Palsy means weakness or problems with […]

What do I do next?

If your child has recently received a diagnosis of hemiplegia or hemiparesis you’re probably experiencing a variety of emotions – grief, denial, guilt, blame, sadness, worry, anxiety, confusion, and more. If your child is a newborn, these may be mingled with joy […]

Assessment (Testing)

Pediatric Neuropsychology Assessment – Why order one? What to expect Buros Institute of Mental Measurements access Buros test reviews online Finding Information About Psychological Tests   Comparing reliability and validity of pediatric instruments for measuring health and well-being of children with […]


Pediatric Physical Therapist,  Fran Arkusinski, discusses orthotics How Many AFOs QUESTION: I was wondering what the PT thought about AFO/DAFOs and how many our children should be wearing – one or two. Our PT asked me to get two DAFOs […]


Sign up for news from the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA). Examples of articles include: adapting clothing and items around the house ideas for working with teachers and schools new medical developments in pediatric stroke, cerebral palsy, and hemiplegia […]


Legislative Issues Facing People with Disabilities – Federal Fact Sheets A series of six fact sheets with talking points that summarize critical national legislative issues facing people with disabilities was prepared in March 2013. The documents include background information, key […]

Walk or Run for CHASA Kids

Raising Pediatric Stroke or Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Awareness – Helpful Hints for Participating in an Established Walk or Run Check with your physician to make sure you’re in great shape and can participate in an athletic event like a walk […]

2012 Awareness Shirts

We’re excited to let you know that the CHASA Awareness shirt orders were shipped on 12/11/12, USPS priority mail , so watch your mailboxes for your order. We apologize for the 4-day delay in shipping. We had a slight set […]

Amazon.com Fundraiser

Order items from Amazon using the AmazonSmile program. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association. This is a donation from Amazon.com and you will not pay any extra […]

Awareness Dates

Children with hemiplegia have a variety of related conditions and there’s an awareness day or month for many of them. March – Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month; green ribbon March – Brain Injury Awareness Month March 25 – Cerebral Palsy Awareness […]

Shoe Exchange – Different Sized Feet

Children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy often need to wear two different sizes of shoes.  The child may need a larger shoe to accommodate an orthotic (brace) or a smaller shoe because their affected foot may not grow as quickly as […]

Must Reads

Parents of kids who have hemiplegic cerebral palsy are some of the most informed parents in the world!  We asked parents to share some of their favorite and most useful books. Daily Living for Kids with Hemiplegia Living One Handed […]

Think Big Grants

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association awards grants to help with programs that serve families of children with hemiplegia in your community. If you have an idea for a social outing, support group, speaker, or any program that will improve […]

Athletic Scholarships

As funding permits, CHASA will award athletic scholarships to young athletes who have had hemiplegia since childhood. We are currently gathering data about the athletic pursuits of children, teens and young adults with hemiplegia or hemiparesis. Fill out this form […]

Sibling Support

Siblings of a child with disabilities may be in need of information, support, or other resources. Siblings often attend the annual CHASA Family Retreat, CHASA Regional Family Reunions, and CHASA Local Groups where they can meet others who share similar situations. You […]

Research Study: Exploring the motivators and barriers for participation in cerebral palsy related research

This study is no longer accepting participants. The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) has teamed with researchers at Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences, to recruit participants for a research study. […]

Research Study: Virtual Balance Task in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Research study: How does feedback enhance learning of a virtual balance task in children with cerebral palsy? The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association has teamed with the Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame-VR) laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston, MA […]

Cerebral Palsy Research Studies Seeking Participants – University of Minnesota

These studies are no longer accepting participants. Three new studies from the Gillick Pediatric Neuromodulation Lab at the University of Minnesota. Click on links below for additional information. Effects of a single session of transcranial direct current stimulation in children […]

Cerebral Palsy Research Opportunity

Researchers at the Laboratory of Neuromodulation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Research Institute are recruiting participants with cerebral palsy between the ages of 8 and 18 for a study. The purpose of this research is to determine whether a non-invasive technique […]

Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Mirror Muscle Activity – Research Opportunity

Visual EMG Feedback may Impact Mirror Muscle Activity in Children with Hemiplegia (IRB# 20130709CHARJ) The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) is assisting researchers in the Physical Therapy Department, University of New England, in recruiting participants for a research pilot […]

Hemiplegia, Hemiparesis, Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy – What’s the difference?

“What is the difference between hemiplegia, hemiparesis, and hemiplegic cerebral palsy?” This is a question commonly asked by parents of kids after they hear it from a doctor or therapist or read it in an educational assessment, insurance claim, or […]

Cerebral Palsy: Behavior, Anger, and Decision Making

Angry Fits and the Decision Spiral of Doom I belong to a CHASA (Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association) Facebook group called ‘Hemikids and Pediatric Stroke Survivors’. Many of the members are parents of children with hemiplegia who are looking to […]

Using Tools – Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Slow Down Luka

We’re doing some renovations and my sweet boy asked to try the drill. He put in about 15 screws… with success!! He’s so proud! His left hand is a helper but you can see he can open it well and […]

Things I have Learned From Having Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

I will never confuse my right and my left. Mouths are secretly hands that never grew fingers, and can be used as such. All doorknobs should be levers. Seriously. You try opening a doorknob with your fist when your other […]

Cerebral Palsy Hand Grasp Study – Participants Needed

Volunteers needed for Cerebral Palsy Grasp Study – Ages 6-13 The purpose of this study is to determine how your child positions his or her hand to pick up different shaped objects. This study will provide information about how your […]

Virginia Resources – Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and Pediatric Stroke

Children with hemiplegia due to pediatric stroke or other causes frequently need information on therapies, education, medical resources, finances, and support systems. We hope you’ll find the following Virginia links helpful. Dept of Medical Assistance Services – medicaid info, process […]

North Texas Moms Meetup – Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

North Texas CHASA Moms Get Together Sunday November 4th @ 2:30pm Come one, come all! Organized by Stephany Duncan Fawcett. More information here.

Hemiplegia Awareness, Pediatric Stroke Awareness, and Cerebral Palsy Awareness Shirts – Order by November 2nd

You asked for them – Hemiplegia Awareness Shirts, Pediatric Stroke Awareness Shirts, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Shirts, and Kandu Shirts – and CHASA is going to deliver! Shirt orders closed on November 2, 2012. Shirts will begin shipping in one month. […]

Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Ohio Meet Up

Join families of children who have hemiplegic cerebral palsy in Delaware, Ohio. Saturday, October 20, 2012 1:00 PM EDT Parents will talk. Kids will play. Maybe a pot luck lunch? More information on the Ohio meet up for families of […]

Ask the Hand Specialist – Two year old with hemiplegic cerebral palsy is resisting constraint therapy

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has left side hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a stroke. Since five months old, we have been doing some form of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT). Over the past six months, my daughter has […]