Shoe Exchange – Different Sized Feet

Different Sized Feet Shoe Exchange for Children and Adults with Hemiplegia or StrokeChildren with hemiplegic cerebral palsy often need to wear two different sizes of shoes.  The child may need a larger shoe to accommodate an orthotic (brace) or a smaller shoe because their affected foot may not grow as quickly as their unaffected foot.

The Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA) created the CHASA Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Shoe Exchange program to assist families in exchanging that extra pair of shoes. The group is open to parents of children with hemiplegia and adults with hemiplegia.

Ideally, you will find another “sole mate” who has feet the opposite size of your feet. This means that if you have right hemiplegia and need a size 9 left shoe and a size 7 right shoe, you’ll ideally match up with someone with left hemiplegia who wears a size 7  left shoe and a size 9 right shoe.

You can post shoe photos on the group page. It’s up to you to work out details of exchange, including whether you’re just trading shoes, giving them away, or selling them. Remember to discuss how payment of postage will be handled. Please DO NOT ship shoes to CHASA because we do not have storage or staff to distribute shoes.

Stores that Sell Mismatched Shoes for Different Sized Feet

Nordstrom will sell two different sizes of shoes for the price of one pair

Brooks Sports, Inc. will sell two different size shoes for the price of one pair, plus a surcharge. You must order through a retailer and not directly from Brooks.

Healthy Feet Store – If you have different sized feet and need to order mismatched shoes, offers a less expensive and more convenient way to order shoes.

Shoes for different sized feet - cerebral palsy