Around the House

Adaptations Around the House

  • Indoor and Outdoor round door knobs can be converted to lever style knobs which can be bumped and opened with the affected hand
  • If needed, install grab bars near the toilet and in tubs and shower areas
  • Lever style handles on sink and tub fixtures may be helpful
  • Good ground lighting outside can help prevent falls
  • Night lights can help prevent falls inside
  • Install hand rails on the stairway so child can use unaffected hand when climbing stairs


  • Hanging clothing is easier than folding for some individuals with hemiplegia
  • Folding devices like the FlipFold may make folding easier


  • A light weight vacuum cleaner may be easier to use than a broom
  • Use mops which have a handle to wring out water
  • Scrub brushes are easier to use than sponges