Eating with Hemiplegia

Child eating cake

Some children with hemiplegia may have difficulty in learning to eat and drink.  It’s not uncommon for a child to be very sensitive to touch around his face and inside his mouth.  Occupational therapists and speech therapists who specialize in feeding and eating issues can help the parent and child learn methods to encourage eating skills.  A pediatric dentist can also help with issues related to the mouth and teeth and will recommend a cleaning schedule for teeth.

Fine motor skill problems may result in the child having difficulty in using eating utensils. Special handles and grips are available to help the child hold a fork or spoon. A rocker knife may help with cutting.  Specially designed eating utensils that change the position of the spoon or fork may also help.

Useful Meal Items for Individuals with Hemiplegia

Rocker knife helps cut meat and other foods with one hand.

Girl Eating Batter Boy Eating Out of Green Bowl