Cerebral Palsy Hand Grasp Study – Participants Needed

Cerebral Palsy Hand Grasp Study Seeking ParticipantsVolunteers needed for Cerebral Palsy Grasp Study – Ages 6-13

The purpose of this study is to determine how your child positions his or her hand to pick up different shaped objects. This study will provide information about how your child uses his hand to plan and accomplish grasp movement.

If you allow your child to participate in this study, the following routine and/or experimental procedures will be performed:

Your child will be asked to grasp three different shaped objects that will be placed on a table. We will ask your child to grasp each object seven to ten times. While your child is grasping each object the movement of the fingers will be recorded from small reflective markers that will taped to the skin.

The overall participation will be over a period of one visit. The visit lasts approximately 1 hour. The data will be collected at the Leon Root Motion Analysis Lab at Hospital for Special Surgery, located at 510 E 73rd St, New York, New York.

Transportation costs will be covered, and a small token gift card will be presented. The results of this study will be shared with your child’s occupational therapist, a report will be generated and recommendations will be made regarding Occupational Therapy treatment.

If you are able and willing to participate in this project please contact Aviva Wolff at 212-606-1660 or via email wolffa@hss.edu