Back to School – Kids with Hemiplegia

SCHOOL-EXECUTIVE-FUNCTIONINGAmid the excitement of shopping for school supplies and thinking about meeting new friends, parents of children with hemiplegia find many questions pertaining to their child’s diagnosis and learning styles. We’ve prepared a few helpful hints for you.

1. How can I let the teachers and staff know about my child’s needs?   Letters to the Teacher

2. Should we talk with the class about my child’s differences? School Talks

3. I’m worried about bullying. Bullying

4. Will my child have problems making friends at school?  Helping Kids with Social Skills in School and at Home

5. How can my child learn keyboarding? What about handwriting?  Keyboarding and Handwriting

6. Can my child play a musical instrument with one hand? Choosing a Musical Instrument

7. Any tips on helping a child with learning differences?  Learning Differences

8. School Survival Tips for 6th – 12th grade

9. Succeeding in College