Assistive Technology

Communication Aids

There are many augmentative aids available. The speech therapist can explain and recommend they be added to your child’s IEP. Communication is central to socialization, motivation and self-esteem. The child must have access to two-way communication with teachers and peers.

  • Boardmaker Activity Pad The Boardmaker series uses personalized, symbol based learning to create schedules, social stories, songs and storyboards.
  • DynaVox computerized communication device. The DynaVox devices allow the child to demonstrate receptive language abilities, even when expressive language is delayed. The child can ask and answer questions, request help and tell stories.

Textbooks and Reading

Some children with hemiplegia have difficulty reading. There are several technology options to help them.

  • Audio copies of text books so the child can listen as he reads along
  • The Kindle and iPad will read aloud eBook copies of the texts
  • If there is a vision issue, you may be able to get free membership to Bookshare
  • Learning Ally serves students who cannot read standard print due to a variety of reasons

 iPad Apps




Closing the Gap   Computer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation

The Bellows Fund – provides funds to individuals with disabilities for assistive technology equipment