Grief is a normal and common reaction to finding out your child has had a stroke or has been diagnosed with hemiparesis. Sometimes hearing a certain diagnosis or word for the first time brings on a whole new grieving process…”cerebral palsy”, “brain damage”, “seizures”… new diagnosis can be hard to hear. Having support of family and friends and others who have been there is important. Seek out support if you need it – our Hemi-kids List serve has hundreds of families who have “been there”, our local groups also offer face-to-face support as do our annual retreats. Finally, if the grief seems overwhelming, please ask for assistance from your family doctor or a mental health provider.

The Unplanned Journey: When You Learn Your Child Has a Disability

The Impact of Childhood Disability: A Parent’s Struggle – by Ken Moses, PhD.

Mother, Father, Sibling and Children Adapting to Disability – by Elizabeth J. Bruce, PhD.

The Woman in the Mirror – by Cheryl Veenstra