Family Blogs

Mia - Pediatric Stroke SurvivorWe have some very dedicated families who like to blog about their child who has hemiplegia.

Lily’s Muscle Journey

Jaxon’s Journey – Life After Perinatal Stroke

Mara, Zoe, and Mia – The adventures of one mom and two girls

Blissful Ignorance Annabelle had a stroke when she was one day old and has hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Her mom says, “Annabelle is a diva and an independent little girl who wants her way or the highway.”

31 Days for Evie
CHASA board president, Jana White, and her friends and family shares their streaks

Lasha Streaks

I’m Not Just a Mom
Nancy Clark shares her thoughts on hemiplegia, pediatric stroke, and life

31 Days for Evan
CHASA board member Julie Ring and her daughter, Olivia blog about their 31 day Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness

Constraint Induced A blog about one family’s journey with special needs.

Maxwell and Me
Max had a stroke that was diagnosed when he was 10 weeks old.

An Infant Stroke Survivor:  Updates on Noah

Carina’s Journey

Fraase Family Our “Hemi” Boy
A mom shares her feelings about her son’s left hemiparesis

The Naptime Experiment by Megan Walsh

Kindergarten, with Cerebral Palsy

Our Sweet Boy – Magnus
Magnus had an early stroke and a rare form of epilepsy, infantile spasms