Pediatric Stroke Awareness – Quick and Easy Ideas

On the Internet


  • Use whenever you talk about Pediatric Stroke. It’s easy to remember and will take the public directly to information on pediatric stroke. You can also include for support and help for families of pediatric stroke survivors.
  • Facebook: Make your profile picture and cover picture about Pediatric Stroke Awareness. If you need an image, grab one from the Pediatric Stroke Awareness album in the CHASA Facebook Group. If you’re not a parent/group member, contact us and we’ll send an image to you.
  • Facebook & Twitter: Share daily information – 31 Days of Pediatric Stroke Awareness
  • Pinterest: Add a Pediatric Stroke Awareness board
  • Share. Share. Share.
  • Tell your story or make a short video and share
  • CHASA Facebook Page

Share with Medical Professionals

  • Take fact sheets to your therapists, doctors, hospital social workers, emergency workers, medical schools and any other organization or location where medical professionals gather.
  • Ask hospitals if you can share information. Even simply sharing a link in their e-newsletter to can help.
  • Ask medical schools if you can share your child’s story with their students.

At School or Daycare

amelia perry students purple photo

  • Host a purple day. Share simple facts about pediatric stroke and ask everyone to wear purple
  • Announce that May is Pediatric Stroke Month during morning announcements
  • If your child is young, give a talk to his or her class. First – emphasize that your child has more in common with the children than differences. Then, share information about differences.
  • If your child is older, ask them if they’d like to give a talk or work with you. Some children love this and others prefer more privacy.
  • Ask kids to bring change to school and donate.
  • Build a bulletin board with pediatric stroke facts and photos. Make sure you emphasize how our kids are more alike than different. Pediatric Stroke Survivors like to play games, love ice cream and enjoy movies. We’re sure your child has more ideas – as them!
  • Ask the Parent Teacher Association to include information on pediatric stroke or give a talk about disabilities or bullying at your school.
  • See Make it Purple below.Kids Have Strokes, Too

At Work

  • Host a wear purple day.
  • Fundraise for CHASA by hosting a Wear Jeans to Work Day and have people pay to wear jeans
  • Include information about pediatric stroke in your employer’s newsletter
  • Hang a Pediatric Stroke Awareness fact sheet in your break room or any other place people gather
  • Create a team and Walk or Run for CHASA Kids or set up a Team Online Fundraiser to honor your child

In Your CommunityPediatric Stroke Awareness

  • Host a gathering for families of pediatric stroke survivors – make is simple and inexpensive like a park day or picnic
  • Set up a simple walk at the park to raise awareness
  • Go to community social media groups and meetup groups and share information about pediatric stroke. Ask others to share.
  • Hang posters and fact sheets
  • Set up a local awareness/fundraiser event – ideas here
  • Set up a table at community events like fairs, carnivals, heath fairs or wherever large groups of people gather
  • Ask local sports teams to announce Kids Have Strokes at their games and allow our kids to throw a first pitch or greet the players on the field
  • Contact media outlets in your community and ask to share your child’s story

Make it Purple

  • Purple is the color that represents Pediatric Stroke Awareness, so let’s Paint May Purple. Parents and kids have come up with some great ideas.
  • Make these purple: hair, nails, shirts, hats, clothing, makeup, tattoos, flowers, doors, signs, chalk facts on sidewalks, cakes and cupcakes, and drinks
  • Decorate with purple banners, flags, balloons, table cloths, cups and plates
  • Give out purple ribbons, balls, toys, pens and pencils, necklaces, cups and mugs, and wristbands
  • Want to add to this list? Send us your ideas

More Pediatric Stroke Awareness Ideas

Learn more Pediatric Stroke Facts

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