Adaptive Tools

Cutting Tools for Individuals with Hemiplegia

  • The Ulu knife is useful for chopping fresh herbs
  • Pizza cutters are also useful for cutting
  • Single handed cutting board. Look for a cutting board that has a vise and stainless steel spikes that will hold objects so that you can cut them. Rubber suction feet that secure the board to the counter are helpful.
  • Rocker knife helps cut meat and other foods with one hand

Opening Items in the KitchenBoys Slicing Meat

Other Kitchen Tools for Individuals with Hemiplegia

  • A good pair of tongs is useful for serving salad pasta, and turning things over in a pan
  • Sandwich preparation boards have a section shaped like a triangle with a raised lip so the bread stays still while you spreadGirl Pouring into Bowl
  • Easy Butler Appliance Aid allows you to push appliances towards back of counter, then pull tray when you need item at front of counter
  • Strawberry Slicer slice strawberries with one hand – looks sharp, so be careful!
  • Dycem Mats grip on both sides of its surface and help keep plates and bowls from sliding
  • Bowls with a rubber finish on the bottom will help the bowl remain stable on the countertop
  • Medicine droppers usually have small increments marked on them – perfect for making small measurements
  • Food Processors can make chopping easier

Remember to always supervise children in the kitchen.