Babies with Stroke or Bleeding in the Brain – Research Study

Understanding How the Brain Continues to Develop through Brain Imaging and Brain Stimulation

The Gillick Pediatric Laboratory team is conducting research and recruiting babies between the ages of 3 and 12 months. Study details are below.

More information from Dr. Sam Nemanich

One in 2,300 babies have a stroke or bleeding in the brain. These babies are at high risk of developing difficulty moving due to changes in the brain. To provide treatment when it will potentially be most helpful, we first need to understand how the brain changes in babies after they had a stroke.

Using brain pictures and brain stimulation that does not require surgery, we will study these baby’s brains and how they move. Both the pictures and the stimulation have been studied in older children who also had a stroke around the time that they were a baby. Looking at how the brain develops at this young age will help understand brain function in babies with stroke and create treatments with the goal to improve the baby’s movement.

The study consists of two 2-hour visits at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. Families will receive $25 after the first visit and $75 after the second paid by debit cards.

The babies are included if:

  • They are 3- 12 months old
  • They had a stroke or bleeding in the brain confirmed by the Doctor
  • They are either seizure-free or have documented seizures which are now controlled on anti- seizure medications
  • They have no other neurologic or genetic diagnosis that could influence movements

For additional information please contact the Gillick Pediatric Laboratory
Dr. Sam Nemanich
nemanich at umn dot edu

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