Research Seeking Participants – Children with Hemiplegia

Dr. Georgia Malandraki, an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences at Purdue University is conducting a feeding and speech research program for children with CP, with the overall goal of designing better physiologically based treatments for speech and swallowing difficulties.

More research details from Dr. Malandraki

Our grant was funded by NIH and we are continuing to recruit children with hemiplegic CP who are 7 – 12 years of age to participate in three research activities, all of which can be completed in a single visit with breaks as needed.

Activities include speech, language, and hearing screenings, electromyography (EMG) recordings of muscle activity during speech and eating tasks, and an MRI brain scan lasting approximately 25 minutes.  All activities are child-friendly and if we identify speech or swallowing issues we can provide the parents with a summary report and recommendations.

The children receive $40.00 in cash and parents receive $40.00 (via check) for defraying the costs of bringing the child in for the study. In addition, for families who come from more than 60 miles away, we offer an additional small stipend (via check) to cover some of the transportation costs. We can schedule the testing session on weekdays or on a weekend, to accommodate parents’ schedules as much as possible.

Posted March 2018. It is anticipated that this study will continue to recruit members for two years.