Watching and Waiting

James didn’t come into this world screaming; he came into it blue, breathless and almost lifeless following a complete placental abruption. Five days later we found out that his little brain had been spared damage from the loss of oxygen, […]

Jana’s Pediatric Stroke Streak – Pink Shoes – Day 4

I want to end the week with a light post — today I believe in Nike. Why, you ask? Because Nike has solved a huge problem in our house. For years I have been searching for “cool shoes” for Evie, […]

Brody’s Parents are Streaking for Pediatric Stroke

Don’t worry! They’re not running around naked for the entire month of May. In 2011, Rachel and Allan Watts were inspired to create a 133.1 mile running streak in honor of their youngest son, Brody.  Brody had a stroke just […]

Brody Had a Stroke Before He was Born – He’s a survivor!

Our son, Brody, had a stroke before he was born. This is often called an in-utero stroke or a perinatal stroke. We’re sharing our story to encourage other families and increase awareness of pediatric stroke. We’re also running for the […]

Pediatric Stroke Survivor Brody is Jumping

Brody is an in-utero stroke survivor who has struggled through every developmental milestone due to lack of muscle tone, balance, and coordination. After months and months of trying and lots of practice, Brody jumped off a platform! We are so […]

Being the Mom of a Stroke Survivor – No Easy Answers

Today I want to share a struggle I have with this whole “believe” theme. Believing in myself. Believing in my instincts. My daughter, Evie, had an episode this past weekend that scared the heck out of me. Unresponsive. Unsteady on […]

Julie’s Streak – Day 2 – Wednesday is Therapy Day

Even before Evan was diagnosed with having suffered a stroke, he started physical therapy. We may not have known what was causing him to keep his right hand in a fist, but fortunately, our pediatrician knew Evan needed some help. […]

Streak for Pediatric Stroke – Paying It Forward

People tell me how lucky Evie is that I am her mom. How lucky she is to have parents that push her and help her succeed. How lucky she is to be born into our support system of family and […]

Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month 2012 Proclamations

Alabama declared May as Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month – by Governor Robert Bentley- submitted by Kimberly Ketler Arizona – waiting – submitted by Chandra Whitfield California – waiting – submitted by Eileen Vancleave Colorado declared May as Pediatric Stroke Awareness […]

31 Days for Evan – A pediatric stroke survivor’s sister’s journey

My name is Olivia and I’m seven years old. My brother Evan is four. Evan had a stroke when he was born and he goes to therapy a lot. One time my family went to to the CHASA Retreat and […]

CHASA to Celebrate Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month – Press Release

Please share the CHASA to Celebrate Childhood Stroke Awareness Press Release -2012 with the media in your community.

Hemiplegia Awareness Ice Cream Social – Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Join us on for an old-fashioned ice cream social at the Leedy home in Southlake, Texas. Ice cream will be provided, so bring your favorite topping to share. There will be activities for the kids – Wii, Rock Band, and […]

Childhood Stroke Walk – Rhode Island’s 4th

Fellow New Englanders, join us for Rhode Island’s 4th Annual Childhood Stroke Walk on Saturday, May 19 at Fort Wetherill State Park in beautiful Jamestown, RI. Not only will you be raising funds for CHASA (a great cause, to be […]

Boston Pediatric Stroke Awareness Picnic

Join other families of kids with hemiplegia due to pediatric stroke or other causes. Saturday, May 5, 2012. 2:00 – 4:00 pm EDT. Boston Public Garden, near the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue. Bring a picnic lunch and catch up […]

Childhood Stroke Awareness Picnic – DC, MD, VA, PA

Join families at the 11th annual Washington DC/Maryland/northern Virginia/southeast Pennsylvania Childhood Stroke Awareness Day Mini-Walk and Picnic Sunday, May 6th, 2012, 3 pm Family and friends are welcome to join us. We will be meeting in front of the Great […]