Jana’s Pediatric Stroke Streak – Pink Shoes – Day 4

Steak For Pediatric Stroke - Pink Shoes for EvieI want to end the week with a light post — today I believe in Nike. Why, you ask? Because Nike has solved a huge problem in our house.

For years I have been searching for “cool shoes” for Evie, a pediatric stroke survivor who has hemiparesis. She is at that age where she wants what the other kids have but, to her great dismay, Crocs, Uggs,Twinkle Toes and Flip Flops do not accommodate a brace, nor are they safe for someone with her balance issues. Her tennis shoes were never cool enough and it was always a battle to get her to wear them when everyone else was prancing around in their fun footwear. Not only did it lead to tense mornings, but it made me a little sad – I too would be upset if I had to wear the same shoes everyday – especially if they were as unexciting as her shoes were.

The answer to our problems came in that bright orange Nike box. Evie loves these shoes! And who wouldn’t? They are comfy, they are easy for her to get on and off and they are PINK!! They are also wide and accommodate her foot brace beautifully – but that is not Evie’s concern, as you can imagine. The only thing that makes me a little sad? The Easter Bunny got all the credit for my incredible find….

So Nike – I believe in you! Thank you for your bright pink Nike Free Runs, which make our mornings less stressful and put a smile on my daughter’s face.