Julie’s Streak – Day 2 – Wednesday is Therapy Day

Evan - Pediatric Stroke Survivor in Physical Therapy

Even before Evan was diagnosed with having suffered a stroke, he started physical therapy. We may not have known what was causing him to keep his right hand in a fist, but fortunately, our pediatrician knew Evan needed some help. So, in January of 2008, Evan started physical therapy. Then, he started occupational therapy. And, finally he started speech therapy.

Perhaps, one of the most consistent things in Evan’s life (besides his family, of course) has been therapy. In his short four years of life, he has endured hours and hours and hours of therapy – so many hours that I can’t even begin to count. And, he has done so without complaining, questioning why, or feeling sorry for himself. It’s just become the thing that he does on Wednesday afternoons.

Don’t get me wrong, during his sessions there might be complaining, arguments, and even tears. But, there is always participation, accomplishment, and progress. In fact, when I think about how far he has come – from not being able to sit up, crawl, or speak clearly to being able to run, jump, use his right hand, and ramble on and on and on – I am truly amazed.

And, while I am thankful for the team of therapists who have helped my son reach milestones that I wasn’t sure he would ever reach, I’m also thankful that my son works so hard even when he is probably tired, sore, and frustrated. So, today’s great thing about Evan is that he is a willing and enthusiastic participant in PT, OT, and ST!