Oliva’s Streak for Pediatric Stroke Blog Day 2

Before my little brother had a stroke, I didn’t even know what a stroke was. Now I know that kids have strokes. When people ask me why Evan wears a brace or walks a little funny, I make sure I […]

Kids Have Strokes on World Stroke Day

Today is World Stroke Day and one of the CHASA moms, Nadine Zimmermann, shares her story. We want to let the world know that on this day, there are babies and children who will have a stroke. We don’t know […]

Brody Had a Stroke Before He was Born – He’s a survivor!

Our son, Brody, had a stroke before he was born. This is often called an in-utero stroke or a perinatal stroke. We’re sharing our story to encourage other families and increase awareness of pediatric stroke. We’re also running for the […]