Streak for Pediatric Stroke – Paying It Forward

People tell me how lucky Evie is that I am her mom. How lucky she is to have parents that push her and help her succeed. How lucky she is to be born into our support system of family and […]

Evans Loves to Swing – And She’s a Pediatric Stroke Survivor

Evans was born a happy (and we thought) healthy little girl. When Evans was 5 months old we discovered she had very limited use of her right side and immediately looked for answers. The pediatrician informed us that our daughter […]

Luka is a Pediatric Stroke Survivor

Most people are unaware that at least 1 in every 2700 children will be diagnosed with a stroke either in-utero or around the time of birth. 11 out of 100,000 children will suffer a stroke between the ages of 1-18 […]

I didn’t know babies could have a stroke. Isaiah’s Journey

On 13 September, 2011, we were blessed with a perfect baby boy – and a not so perfect birth story. At 41 weeks I was finally induced. The birth was stressful, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and […]

Those Three Little Words

Those Three Little Words Evan:     “I love you, Mom.” Me:        “I love you too, Evan” Evan:     “I love you, Mom.” Me:        “I. Looovvvve. Youuuuu.” Evan:     “Mom, you forgot to say something.” Me:        “I love you TOO.” […]

Nothing Better Than a Great Snuggle When You Need it Most…

One of the things that I remember most about Evan from when he was an infant was how much he loved to be held and snuggled. I vividly recall, during my 10 weeks of maternity leave, that each day, Evan […]

Evan’s Story

In September 2010, our second son was born after a troublesome pregnancy and c-section delivery. The medical staff had a rather difficult time getting Evan to respond at birth, noting that the lower half of his body was blue, which […]