Those Three Little Words

Evan had a stroke when he was born

Those Three Little Words

Evan:     “I love you, Mom.”

Me:        “I love you too, Evan”

Evan:     “I love you, Mom.”

Me:        “I. Looovvvve. Youuuuu.”

Evan:     “Mom, you forgot to say something.”

Me:        “I love you TOO.”

This is a conversation Evan and I have at least four times a day, and I know that he and his Dad have the same conversation several times on the way to and from school as well. And, while it does get maybe just a little bit annoying by the fourth go round, it is really important for him and totally sweet.

I think about how much love he has seen in his four short years of life. Love from his parents and brother and sister, love from his Lilly-doggie, love from his grandparents, love from relatives near and far, love from our friends and his friends, love from his doctors, love from his therapists, love from his teachers, and love from total strangers who may not even know him but have heard his story. He is indeed surrounded by love, and it is exactly what he needs. He needs it to know that people truly care about him, his progress, and his accomplishments. He needs it to give him strength and courage to succeed. And, he needs it most of all, because he is a four-year-old who is sweet, sensitive, and innocent in a world that is not.

I am very proud of my little boy for telling us how much he loves us. So, today’s special thing about Evan is that his life is full of love!

Juile’s Streak for Pediatric Stroke, Day 4