Evans Loves to Swing – And She’s a Pediatric Stroke Survivor

Evans was born a happy (and we thought) healthy little girl. When Evans was 5 months old we discovered she had very limited use of her right side and immediately looked for answers. The pediatrician informed us that our daughter may have cerebral palsy and advised us to take her for testing and a CAT scan. We were shocked to learn our only daughter at 5 1/2 months old had suffered a massive stroke either in utero or shortly after birth occurring in the left middle cerebral artery of her brain (which controls the right side of your body). Our daughter was diagnosed with right hemiparesis or hemiplegic cerebral palsy (partial paralysis on her right side) .

Evans is now 2 1/2 and loves to swing, sing, watch barney and Minnie mouse and play with her three brothers……a perfectly typical and very intelligent 2 year old. Although she has some speech and coginitive delays, she works daily to conquer them through her hard work and dedication. Learning to walk at 18 months with the use of orthotics, she still struggles with the use of her right arm and hand.

Evans is a very strong willed person and continues to improve with therapy, with the loving support of her awesome three brothers and prayers from our friends and family. She is an incredible teacher of strength and perserverence.