Pediatric Stroke Awareness – 31 Days 31 Ways

i-had-a-stroke-before-i-was-born-chasa-600May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

May 1
Like CHASA on Facebook.

May 2
Write your child’s story and share it on a Firstgiving page. The world needs to know our stories. (You don’t have to fundraise on Firstgiving. You can simply share your story if you’d like.)

May 3
Make this your cover picture on facebook. Photo created by Chandra Whitfield.

May 4
Streak your hair purple. Invite your friends to a girl’s night out at a local salon and give everyone a purple streak.

May 5
Tweet daily that Kids Have Strokes, Too and provide a link to for more information

May 6
Email the CHASA Pediatric Stroke Awareness Fact Sheet or your employer, library, or place of worship and ask them to add pediatric stroke facts or your child’s story to their newsletter.

May 7
Share a link to the 2013 Pediatric Stroke and Hemiplegia Awareness Montage

May 8
Paint your nails purple with a ribbon design or get a Pediatric Stroke Awareness tattoo.purple-nails-chasa-org

May 9
No time for awareness? One minute ideas here. Order purple M&Ms for Pediatric Stroke Awareness and hand out at school or work. Add a purple ribbon design to the M&M.

May 10
Going out tonight? Wear purple in honor of Pediatric Stroke Awareness.

May 11
Rest. Parents and caregivers of pediatric stroke survivors are often under a large amount of stress. Find some time today to do something you enjoy.

May 12
Volunteer for CHASA. Did you know that every single member of the CHASA board is the mother of a child or young adult who has a diagnosis of hemiplegia or pediatric stroke? Join our team!

May 13
Record a video with your story or your child’s story and post online. The world needs to know our stories.

May 14
Make a purple cake or cupcakes. Add a ribbon on top.

May 15
Ask a local restaurant to host a Pediatric Stroke Awareness Event and Fundraiser and invite your friends, family, and coworkers

May 16
Ribbons around trees. Ask your local park or businesses if you can tie purple ribbons to trees and hang a sign that says, Kids Have Strokes, Too!

May 17
Write Pediatric Stroke Facts on the sidewalk with chalk.

May 18
Plant some purple flowers in your yard or in a pot on your desk at work. Add a sign on a stick that says “Kids Have Strokes, Too!”

May 19
Have a “Paint the Office Purple Day” and ask your employer and co-workers to wear purple in honor of our little stroke survivors.

May 20
Host a party at a local art studio and paint awareness ribbons on a canvas. Display the paintings in your community. Print CHASA Pediatric Stroke Awareness Fact Sheets and stack next to the paintings.

May 21
Host a party at home. Ask friends and family to donate to CHASA.

May 22
Write “May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month.” on your car’s window.

May 23
Thankful day. Thank the therapists, doctors, family and friends who help you on this journey.

May 24
Change your email and text messaging signature to “May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month” or “Kids Have Strokes, Babies, Have Strokes, Even Unborn Babies Have Strokes.”

purple-door-pediatric-stroke-awarenessMay 25
Paint your front door purple!

May 26
Print Pediatric Stroke Awareness stickers or labels and stick them everywhere.

May 27
Photo shoot. Professional or just done by you. Invite your child’s friends; have them wear pediatric stroke shirts; and make a sign as a prop.

May 28
Use purple ribbon as hair ties for your hair or your daughter’s hair.

May 29
Ask your child’s school or  local high school’s sports teams to wear purple in honor of our little stroke survivors. They may even want to host a virtual walk by setting up a Team page on Firstgiving and raising funds to help CHASA help the kids.

May 30
Make purple ribbons and ask your favorite restaurant’s servers and hosts to wear them.

May 31
Plan to make a Pediatric Stroke Awareness Float or banner to use in your city’s 4th of July parade!