We Are Living This

The CHASA director and board have a combined total of 92 years of experience helping families of children, teens and young adults who have a diagnosis of hemiplegia. We are on this journey with you. You’re not alone.

Board of Directors

Little girl walking

CHASA President

The CHASA President began fundraising and volunteering with CHASA when her daughter was newly diagnosed.  In addition to her work with CHASA, she is a practicing attorney with two energetic daughters.  Her older daughter has right-sided hemiplegia due to an in utero stroke. Our president has a degree in Sociology and Journalism and a J.D.

CHASA Vice President
This officer’s first CHASA volunteer job was taking cookies to the first CHASA Family Retreat. She’s been a volunteer for decades and has a special interest in helping young adults navigate the transition to college.

CHASA Treasurer
This volunteer has been a part of the CHASA family for many years. She and her partner have worked in the field of education field and are wonderful resources for families. She is also an expert in working with vocational rehabilitation services and therapeutic horseback riding.


CHASA Secretary
Our CHASA Secretary discovered CHASA when her child was a toddler. She has an extensive understanding of epilepsy, supplemental security income (SSI), and mental health.