Streak for Pediatric Stroke

Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness

2013 Streak for Pediatric Stroke –  Click Here for More Information

After talking with pediatric stroke survivors and their families for 20 years, Nancy was very aware of how hard these survivors work every single day of the year. She thought the least we could do to honor them was to do something difficult, our “streak,”  for the 31 days of Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month.  Nancy took the Streak for Pediatric Stroke idea to the CHASA board and they loved it.  Volunteers jumped in and created a Streak for Pediatric Stroke website and also started raising funds to help CHASA help little stroke survivors.

We’ve seen a variety of different 31-day streaks – running 5 miles a day, eating healthy food, reading a good book, coloring with your child, and more. We’ve seen some unexpected streaks – purple streaks in someone’s hair, purple tattoos, and this year, someone spray-painted “Streak for Pediatric Stroke” in their front yard!  We’ve decided that Pediatric Stroke Survivor parents are some of the most creative people around!