These Families are Streaking for Pediatric Stroke

Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness MonthMay is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month. Do you know that CHASA proclaimed the first Pediatric Stroke Awareness Day way back in 2002?  A couple of moms were tired of hearing, “I didn’t know a baby could have a stoke.” Sound familiar?

In May, families around the world are letting others know that Kids Have Strokes, Too. Some are asking local government to proclaim May as Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month. Others are hosting events to raise funds and awareness and our online community is setting up online Streak for Pediatric Stroke pages.  Meet a few of these families below…

The Mory Family is Streaking for Pediatric Stroke Awareness – When Mikey was a few months old we noticed he was only reaching for his toys with his left hand. His pediatrician joked that we should teach him to box or pitch since he’d be a lefty. Eventually we decided this was not normal and we had him tested with an MRI. Our sweet little baby survived a stroke in-utero which damaged the left side of his brain. Read more>

The Chudzik Family is Streaking for Pediatric Stroke Awareness – Cody was the best baby, and initially was hitting every age appropriate developmental milestone that there was.  Around 4 months though we started to notice that Cody preferred his left hand to his right.  We thought that since my husband was a lefty he would be too.  It was only when others who worked closely with Cody as well said something that we thought maybe this was not okay.  We chatted with my parents who were both pediatricians and they expressed their concerns about this as well. Read more>

The White Family is Streaking for Pediatric Stroke Awareness– In honor of my five year old stroke survivor I am streaking to raise money for CHASA, an organization that has been so important to my family. This year’s streak is a photo challenge I created to show you each day the challenges and triumphs of my favorite five year old. Read more>

Learn how you can Streak for Pediatric Stroke Awareness. Set up your page today and start streaking on May 1, 2013!