Make a Memorial Donation

A CHASA Memorial Donation offers you a thoughtful, caring way to remember a loved one while contributing to our vital mission to help little pediatric stroke survivors and others who have childhood hemiplegia.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of someone, please include the following information with your donation:  the name of the person you’re remembering and an address so that we may send a letter to the family to notify them that you have made this donation in memory of their loved one.
Choose your method of donating.

In loving memory of

Family and friends have donated to the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association in memory of their loved ones.

In memory of Kaylee Pearson from Karyn Pearson, Genevieve Sherman, Slawomir Sura, Kiki Kibler, Melanie Gray, Penny Peoples, Janet Denbroeder, Miriam Murray, Terri and Jim Gierer, E4H -Environments for Health Architecture, Abby Baise, Leah Blome, Heather Obert, Leigh-Ann Anderson, and Madeline Stough.
In memory of Kaylee Jane Pearson, avid reader, believer in the impossible, and as brave as any 10 year old in this world. From Robert and Tammy Fulcher
In memory of Michael J. Pardon from so many loving friends and family.
In memory of Betty Zapf as a loving tribute to her great grandson, William Buzecky from Charles and Mary Zapf, Adel Jeschke and Ron, Ronald Zapf, Fred and Joyce Greene and Richard and Debra Zapf.
In memory of Steve Nichols, grandfather, father and loving husband from Sally Ann Nichols
In memory of Alan Bissonnette from Elizabeth Bailey
In memory of Alan Bissonnette from  Blue Ridge Community College Remembrance Committee
In memory of Alan Bissonnette from the Blue Ridge Community College Nursing Faculty – Rita, Stephanie, Terri, Linda, Deb, and Pam
In memory of Pat Thomas by Advanstar Communications
Jean M. Weeden, in honor of her granddaughter Nevaeh Weeden, from Richard and JoAnne Bell
Jean M. Weeden, in honor of her granddaughter Nevaeh Weeden, from Hillary and Lucie Ragin
Edward J. Vogt, IV from Richard M. Cesta
Anna Parsons Peterson from Lyndia Lang
Gwengolyn Downey from Mary Leccese
Joreen Young from Robert Young
Maria Prazeres Cardoso Rodrigues
Cecile Piazza
Rose Gilberti from Paul and Paula Rowley