Survey! What’s important to you?

Hemiplegic Cerebral PalsyIn keeping with CHASA’s mission of assisting pediatric stroke or hemiplegia researchers, we are making a survey from Teachers College, Columbia University available to you. Information about the survey is below.

Dear Caregiver,

Your responses to this brief questionnaire will help us prioritize our research program for children with hemiplegia at Teachers College, Columbia University based on what is important to caregivers. In addition to the summer day camps (e.g., HABIT bimanual training and CIMT), we have been developing intensive home-based interventions, training caregivers to provide the therapy. The aim is to provide support to caregivers remotely via computer (e.g., skype) to extend our programs to a broader range of the population (younger children, children outside New York City area). Your information will be ANONYMOUS unless you wish to provide contact info for more information where it will be kept private and only be seen by our research staff (or you can e-mail us at

This questionnaire is about your child’s ability to complete functional activities and activities that you deem important, and your potential willingness to participate in various types of research treatments. The entire questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions by choosing the number/option that fits best. You may write down any comments/clarification at the space provided at the end of the questionnaire.

The researchers at Columbia University Center for Cerebral Palsy Research haveĀ  invited you to fill out the form Columbia University Center for Cerebral Palsy Research.

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