Streak for Pediatric Stroke iPad Contest

Streak for Pediatric StrokeEnter CHASA’s Streak for Pediatric Stroke iPad Contest! CHASA will give away a new iPad to one lucky person. Set up a fundraising¬† page at Firstgiving and start asking friends, family, and your community to donate. For each $25 donation on your page, you’ll receive one entry in the contest. Bring in more donations and you’ll have more entries and a better chance to win the iPad.¬† On June 15th, we’ll put all the entries into a big box; give it a shake; and pull out the name of the lucky winner.

This is CHASA’s only major fundraiser, so please help us help these little stroke and hemiplegia survivors. Money raised will help CHASA help families purchase an orthotic (foot brace) to help a little stroke survivor learn to walk and maintain balance. Money will also help us send a parent and child to the national retreat where they can meet others – it’s hard to think you’re the only kid who wears a brace or takes medicine every day to stop seizures. Money will also fund college and vocational scholarships for young adults with hemiplegic cerebral palsy – helping to increase the number of people with disabilities who graduate from college and enter the work force. Money will help fund local support group gatherings and awareness events – both important to help parents and doctors identify early hemiplegic cerebral palsy so these babies can receive much needed early physical and occupational therapy.

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