Pediatric Stroke Survivor has the Heart of a Champion

Childhood Stroke Survivor with MoyamoyaThis was not what we expected. I had a perfectly healthy 7 month old who just happened to have a cold and was teething at the same time. This caused dehydration and then he suffered a stroke. We were fortunate that we caught it early and got early treatment. Cash spent his first Christmas and New Years Day in the hospital. He was diagnosed with Moyamoya Syndrome. We were told that at some point in his life, Cash was going to suffer a stroke, there was just no knowing when.

The first 3 years of his life were spent with therapy sessions, 4 days a week, with some being doubled up. Seeing numerous doctors was also part of our routine. Once he turned 3 and aged out of our state’s First Steps program, we depended on only pediatric occupational therapy and speech therapy one time a week.

Cash’s main challenge is right-sided weakness with his arm and hand affected more than his leg. He does have to wear an AFO (ankle-foot orthotic) and has an awkward gait (walking) pattern, but he is now able to keep up with his peers in kindergarten. We are still worried about cognitive issues, and should get some answers soon, but other than that, he is doing amazingly well. I can only wish that I could have half of his perseverance.  Cash has the heart of a champion.

Written by Cash’s Mom