Pediatric Stroke Streak – Sometimes You Just Have to Shake Your Booty

Pediatric Stroke Streak - Sometimes You Just Have to Shake Your Booty

Okay, follow me with this one. I believe in the power of a laughter and a sense of humor. Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing funny about the situation that Evie is in – it is very serious, I know that. But the only thing that has kept me going at some points in the last four and a half years is humor. I was very fortunate to marry a very fun and funny guy and, luckily, our children are both very funny little people as well. There is a lot of laughter and silliness in our house – random dance parties, inside jokes and tickle fights are daily.

Because of who I am and who my husband is, we hope that Evie won’t take this all so seriously when she is older. She must take her health care seriously, we know that, but all of the other junk – the questions, the stares, the set backs, the challenges – that can benefit from some lightheartedness. She is not a victim. She is not to be pitied. Being angry or upset takes a lot of energy which, quite frankly, is better spent laughing and enjoying this one life you have. I hope she strives to be a “glass half full” type of person instead of seeing all of the bad which can be overwhelming at times if you let it.

I believe that laughter and a sense of humor is an important quality that we must encourage in Evie. Hopefully it help her get the most out of life and her relationships with other people. And with that, I’m off to “shake my booty” as we say at our house…

Streak for Pediatric Stroke With Evie and Jana!