Pediatric Stroke and Hemiplegia Awareness in the Fall

Pediatric Stroke and Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy Awareness Fall DisplayA great way to raise awareness of hemiplegic cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, or related conditions is to set up a display or booth at your local Fall Festivals. Most communities or schools have some sort of festival in the fall and there’s usually no charge for participation.

Ideas about what to include in our pediatric stroke awareness or hemiplegia awareness display:

Facts about hemiplegia
Facts about cerebral palsy
Facts about pediatric stroke or whatever caused your child’s hemiplegia
Old orthotics and hand splints look cute on stuffed animals and help lower the barriers
Photos of your child in therapy (if child is comfortable with this)
Survivor wall with names of other children who have hemiplegia
Print out our pediatric stroke fact sheet and the CHASA fact sheet


CHASA Volunteer Annette Brennan came up with this idea several years ago and you can see the display she built for a Scarecrow Decorating Contest in her community.  You can see the signs that Annette added throughout her display. A big thank you to Annette for spreading the word about stroke in babies and hemiplegic cerebral palsy.